The INSicherheit – Ingolstadt Applied IT Security Research Group is a research group at the Faculty of electrical engineering and computer science of the University of Ingolstadt.

Focus topics:

  • Automotive IT Security
    • Security Architectures for Autonomous Cyber Systems
    • Security controls for secure communcation: Secure CAN Bus, Secure Automotive Ethernet, Secure Car2X
    • Testing of Automotive Software, especially Automotive Software für Autonomous Driving: Model-based security testing, automotive penetration testing, fuzzer for autonomous vehicles
  • Security for the Internet of Things
    • Security Architectures for Smart Homes
    • Security of IoT platforms
  • Blockchain for Security
    • Automotive Blockchain for Safety & Security

If you are interested in current research activities, please contact sekretariat@insi.sicence

Past research projects of Professor Hof