Book published: Introduction to Data protection law

Professor Hans-Joachim Court new book "Introduction to Data protection Law: Privacy and freedom of information in the European perspective" has recently appeared. You can buy it here: Link.

Flap text:

"In your 6th Edition, the introduction responds to the fundamental reform of European data privacy law. The focus is on the basic Data Protection Regulation (DS GMO) and the Justice and Home Affairs Directive (DSRL-ji); An outlook for the planned EPrivacy regulation is also already being given. and also at national level, the new data protection law, in particular the BDSG N. F., discussed in detail. The introduction has always been based on a holistic view of data protection and freedom of information, which are prerequisites for trust and willingness to dialogue in state and society. In the new edition, the book again addresses the current challenges associated with the networked data processing by private individuals, as well as measures of internal security and social protection. In addition to the legal data protection, the fundamentals of IT security are addressed, which are decisive for a technical data protection. The introduction provides a comprehensive overview of the reformed Data protection law for both students and practitioners of privacy. "

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