Donaukurier reports on InSicherheit's Smart Home Innovation Lab

INSicherheit is currently building a Smart Home Innovation Lab at the Ingolstadt University of Technology. Students will be able to devise, create and test solutions for the smart home of tomorrow. Common smart home devices are available for testing as well as a variety of miniature computers and sensors for building their own solutions. One focus is on IT security: Students can thoroughly examine the IT security of smart home devices or test their own IT security solutions. Innovation is a top priority in the Smart Home Innovation Lab. The lab is part of the entrepreneurship training at the Technical University of Ingolstadt.

As smart homes and their security are currently also a topical topic on the political scene, Professor Hans-Joachim Hof, head of inSecurity – Ingolstadt-based research group Applied IT Security, was interviewed on this topic. The Full-Page Newspaper Report also featured the Smart Home Innovoation Lab at the Ingolstadt University of Technology. The article can be found here: Link.

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