Ingolstadt University of Technology presents autonomous driving projects at the IAA: early hazard detection in focus

Artificial Intelligence for Road Safety – Science Minister Bernd Sibler: "The university's CARISSMA research and testing centre is unique in Germany – shaping mobility of the future from Bavaria"

Autonomous driving and artificial intelligence are mega-themes of the automotive industry. The Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI) is at the forefront: at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main on 12 May, 1898. up to 22. In September, she will present her current projects at the UNIVERSITY's own research and testing center CARISSMA (Center of Automotive Research on Integrated Safety Systems and Measurement Area). With its concept, the university pursues a broad-based approach to early hazard detection and timely activation of systems in order to further increase the protection of all participants in road traffic. On the occasion of the THI's presence at the IAA, Science Minister Bernd Sibler emphasizes: "CARISSMA is unique in Germany! This is where research is being done and how we can use artificial intelligence in road transport – safely and responsibly. From Ingolstadt, our scientists help shape the mobility of the future! I am proud that THE THI presents its groundbreaking projects to an international audience and represents the Free State at one of the world's largest and most important automotive trade fairs." Professor Hans-Joachim Hof, Head of INSecurity – Ingolstadt Research Group Applied IT Security, is one of the CARISSMA professors at the Technical University of Ingolstadt. He will supervise the IAA booth on 21.09.2019.

Enormous potential of the Free State in the future topic of artificial intelligence

For Science Minister Bernd Sibler, the strong research performance at THE THI exemplifies the fact that Bavaria has enormous potential in the future topic of artificial intelligence (AI) to become a leading AI location, for example in the field of autonomous driving: "At the science location in Bavaria, the worldwide development of autonomous driving will be decisively shaped. This is where innovation is at home, where visions become reality." This makes it possible, in particular, to carry out interdisciplinary, applied research carried out by universities in close cooperation with leading car manufacturers in Bavaria and international research institutions.

In order to further strengthen AI competences in the Free State, it was already decided last year to establish the Bavarian-wide competence network "Artificial Machine Intelligence". Around 130 million euros and 95 jobs have been promised for the universities. The THI, which is home to CARISSMA and the AININ (Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt GmbH) competence centre, is part of the planned network, as is Munich, Erlangen, Würzburg, Augsburg, Bayreuth and Amberg-Weiden. Professor Hans-Joachim Hof, Head of INSecurity – Ingolstadt-based Research Group Applied IT Security, is the Supervisory Board of the AININ Competence Centre.

(Source: Press release 217/2019 of the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art of 05.09.2019)

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