Professor Hof erhält Best Paper Award

Lukas Pürgstein (geb. Braun) und Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Hof haben für Ihre Veröffentlichung „A System to Save the Internet from the Malicious Internet of Things at Home“ den Best Paper Award der angesehenen Konferenz „The Eleventh International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies“ erhalten. Herr Pürgstein wird von Prof. Hof im Rahmen des Master of Applied Research an der Hochschule München betreut.

Abstract der Veröffentlichung:

„Botnets are a big hassle for the Internet. A recent attack by the Mirai botnet showed how easy it is to

exploit Internet of Things devices and use them for malicious activities, e.g., for sending spam or executing Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Hence, increasing protection of Internet of Things
(IoT) devices as well as increasing protection against malicious Internet of Things devices is an important challenge. Many of the Internet of Things devices used in the Mirai botnet are located in smart homes (e.g., surveillance cameras). This paper presents a novel smart home security system that raises the bar for an attacker by separating different classes of Internet of Things devices in a smart home from each other, as well as separating other devices within the smart home network (e.g., desktop computers) from Internet of Things devices. Amongst other measures , the smart home security system enforces strict security policies on outgoing communication of Internet of Things devices. By doing so, the proposed smart home security system is able to limit the effect hacked Internet of Things devices in a smart home haveon the Internet.“
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