Professor Hof im Programmkommittee der AWACS 2022

Professor Hof unterstützt die Konferenz AWACS 2022: International Workshop on AI for Web Application Infrastructure and Cloud Platform Security als Mitglied im Programmkommittee.

Themen der Konferenz:

  • AI-based methods for web application and cloud platform security
    • Approaches & applications utilizing federated ML
    • Detection and mitigation of network attacks
    • AI methods for generating simulations of network attacks
    • AI for protocol analysis and verification
    • AI methods for design and code analysis
    • Governance of AI-based management methods
    • AI-based automated (penetration) testing
    • AI methods for secure user authentication and authorization
  • Domains and use cases for AI-based security measures
    • Risk control in financial services and systems
    • AI in payment transaction systems
    • Detection of financial and other types of fraud
    • Identity management and misuse prevention
    • Intelligent security measures in the IoT
    • Experience reports and lessons learned in real-world settings
    • Other scenarios and use cases
    • Related research projects and initiatives

Einreichungen sind noch bis zum 21.01.2022 möglich, siehe Link.

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